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The 2023 Wennberg International Collaborative Conference is hosted by Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies and its  Management and Healthcare Laboratory (MeS) in Pisa, Italy, from September 13th to September 15th.

The conference brings together Italian and international healthcare experts and links researchers and policy makers in the healthcare field.

The 10th Fall Research Meeting of the Wennberg International Collaborative is organized around six categories:

  1. Warranted and unwarranted variation in the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Health care atlases – Future prospects
  3. Novel data and data linkage methods for health care evaluation
  4. Economic analysis of unwarranted variation examining prices, spending and costs (including travel times)
  5. Systemic causes and remedies to unwarranted variation
  6. General category for innovative research in population-based health care measurement and variation.


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